My personal goal is help you find “Your Look,” a true reflection of your unique personality and style. 

Susan’s Unique Boutique is a personalized shopping experience because my customers become my friends! 

Luxurious apparel is an experience—and discovering your “Your Look” is a never-ending journey. A Journey with me.My Fashion Thoughts:

• Fashion and style are all about making a statement, but what many people don’t understand is the expression of their character and their unique sense of style.

• Your unique style is the central message that only you can convey. Here’s what I know – Each women’s unique style is as much about setting yourself apart as it is being yourself.

• Your unique style is all about what makes you feel good. I want all women to feel confident and gorgeous. The key to a unique style is never keeping it boring. Finding “Your Look” is more than just putting on clothes. I want all women to feel truly enthusiastic about the clothes and accessories they wear!

• Being yourself is one of the quickest ways to have a unique style…simply be yourself, be comfortable! Accentuate your natural beauty first and foremost!